IslamicTunes Network is a Muslim Entrepreneurs’ Digital Launchpad to help launch products & services created, designed and developed by creative Muslim Entrepreneurs. We provide relevant and effective business services and solutions towards creating a Halal Content Marketplace for Global Muslim Digital Edutainment Economy!


Creative Muslim Entrepreneurs consists of artists, performers, speakers, preachers, content creators, indie labels, producers, publishers, writers & event managers; to get connected with event host or organisers, planners, investors, sponsors, Halal brand managers & entrepreneurs to discover their talent and signup deals of investment, sponsorship, collaborations or partnership with them!

Intoducing the 1st. Ever Muslim's Talent Community!

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IslamicTunes provides a full-service platform for booking any gigs, majlis, wedding, personal coursed, corporates dinner show, expo & trade exhibition. Use this platform to be heard, be seen and get more leads, send quotes, and collect payments all in one place.

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Need to hire Muslims talents, performers or booking an Event Suppliers and providers? IslamicTunes will connects you with local vendors and provides a safe and easy platform for booking with a Worry-Free. Or you can just browse yourself and check through thousands of talents and event suppliers in our listing directory & community, we’re ready to serve you!

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Lets Help Talented Muslims to Offer What their Best to Towards Dakwah & Ukhuwah!

Support us to create a global halal entertainment business network, which accounted for entrepreneurial development of creative content and performing arts of Islam, ensuring that every inspiration, thought and civilization become a catalyst for spreading the Islamic brotherhood in line with ICT developments and new media growth.

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We welcome all entrepreneurs with products, services and brands!

Connect with our fast growing creative community and gain the hype of entertainment factors that create more engagement and awareness for business benefits. Lets together build the halal & syaria complience trending in our lifestyle, for the sake of dakwah & ukhuwah!



For creative entrepreneurs such as record labels, producers, publisher, studio recording, videographers, writers, graphic designers, event suppliers, rental providers and creative services, create your listing to get discovered. Get listed on our featured Muslim’s Creative Entrepreneurs Online Directory. Create your listing here!

If you is an artists, performers, entertainers, speakers, preachers, emcee, Dj, video makers, photographers, graphic multimedia designers, khat designers, writers, web designers; you can join our Muslim’s Talent Community and automatically synchronize to startup your products here, build your fan base and get more engagement and awareness. Signup here!

If you are entrepreneurs, brand managers, event host or organizers, venture capitals or investors who believe this efforts can create a global urban Muslim trends and want to join and support by sponsoring, investing and joint the Muslim’s creative talents networking, do signup or make your search to select your needs on our range of Online Directories such as and

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IslamicTunes Blog

How can IslamicTunes help you?

How can IslamicTunes help you?

We exist because of the vision want to see Muslim's entertainment and event will be organized within the syaria compliance and as a must not an alternatives. We hope that we can create a better and conducive acceptance of Muslim entertainment industry that we can't...

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What are IslamicTunes Offering?

What are IslamicTunes Offering?

We offer a variety of EVENT PLANNING services to our clients including searching talents, finding best quotation from event supplier and last but not least, we can also be your event manager! From a traditional religious majlis such as wedding, aqiqah...

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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to IslamicTunes, the first ever Islamic Event Service Provider's Platform to cater all needs to help you as an individual, corporate or government organization to organize all size of event or majlis. Be it a small majlis or kenduri or any...

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