IslamicTunes provides a trustworthy channel for creative and entrepreneurial Muslims to deliver their pieces to the world, in the form of their products and services, without having to doubt the legitimacy of their endeavors as IslamicTunes has been designed, developed and delivered with elaborate heed to the laws and regulations of Islam, and is constantly monitored to have it continuously be Syariah-compliant. We believe entertainment can be Halal and clean, molded to adhere to Islamic rules and regulations for the benefit of all – not only the Muslims, but also for others of different ethnic backgrounds and religious affinities.  The following are elaborations of the services we offer to Muslimpreneurs all around the world.

Online Marketplace

IslamicTunes provide a vibrant online marketplace for Muslims to put up their products and services for sale. This online marketplace is constantly being promoted by the IslamicTunes team across the world, and participating Muslimpreneurs are welcomed to ride on the initiative to create exposure for themselves, converting leads into online sales.

Muslim Business Directory

Besides being an online marketplace, IslamicTunes also serves as a reference point to those seeking products and services designed and developed by Muslims around the world. Being included in IslamicTunes’ s Muslim Business Directories will increase your visibility online to attract people who are looking for you. Our network includes local authorities on Multimedia such as MDeC, and also international campaigners such as MIDEM.

Event Management

We understand that events are a necessity towards achieving commercial success – such was our own entrepreneurial journey since the 1980s that we had needed (and still do!) to organize events to make our marks in the market. We also grudgingly know that managing an event is not for the faint-hearted, nor it is for the inexperienced. As such, IslamicTunes offer event management expertise of nearly 30 years in the entertainment industry, as well as state-of-the-art event equipment, to help Muslimpreneurs launch their events, both locally and internationally.


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