IslamicTunes is an information and exchange platform dedicated to promote and encourage Muslim friendly content such as music, audiocast and video to the people of the world. We are community-based, driven to support global initiatives in fostering knowledge exchanges and collaborations of efforts between a diverse universe of peoples. With access to seasoned and professional music industry players from across the world, we offer a unique range of quality Islamic oriented content for you to enjoy and benefit from.

A Nation of Muslims

IslamicTunes was conceptualized in Malaysia, one of the most notable Islamic countries in the South East Asia region, and we have expanded into Indonesia and Europe with an accumulation of more than 300,000 followers to date, comprising of not only Muslims, but also other ethnicities.

By Muslims, For All

We strive to offer a Syariah-compliant entertainment platform that is as much fun and engaging, and as lucrative and prosperous as any other entertainment channels, created by Muslims for all regardless of race, sex and beliefs.


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