About IslamicTunesNews

Seeing the needs of the world community, we established the Global Muslim Musicpreneurs online magazine developed and created by IslamicTunes.net, a community platform for Muslim content owners, content creators, talents, players, musicians, munsyids, artists, daies, singers, songwriters, producers, Qur’an reciters, activists, entrepreneurs and fans to unite, create business networks and be entertained with halal and sharia compliance.

We appreciate the Islamic content that is specifically targeted at the Muslim market so that entertainment and education can be found, heard, seen and cared for.

Founded by indie record label, Loonaq Records in 2015, our main effort is to build the 1st. Muslim Streaming Service – IslamicTunes Streaming Hub. IslamicTunesNews are part of the online Muslims media community beside IslamicTunesFM and IslamicTunesTV.



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