We exist because of the vision want to see Muslim’s entertainment and event will be organized within the syaria compliance and as a must not an alternatives. We hope that we can create a better and conducive acceptance of Muslim entertainment industry that we can’t deny the important of arts and culture as part of dominant factors to create a better Muslim civilization.

Search your Muslim’s Performers or Talents

Do you need an Islamic artists, imam, daie, reciters, bilal, speakers, motivators, nasyid performers, qasidah/marhaban groups live performances, positive bands, etc. to perform at your event? for any size of majlis or corporate’s event and ceremonies, be it a wedding, engagement majlis, iftar, aqiqah or private meetups, please contact us to for more details.  We’re here to help you celebrate all of life’s special moments.

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Sound system and lighting, stage equipments, decoration, booth/canopy rental, food catering, wedding planner, event organizers, event management, videography and photography services, any graphic designers service, multimedia service, etc. for any kind of event such as trade exhibitions, expo, carnival or personal courses.

Social Marketing & New Media Awareness

Unless you are organizing a private and close event, we are sure that all organizers wanted their event to be aware and goes to the target viewers related to the event. Currently social media and internet appearance is a needs! Your event need awareness and promotions? You want to attract more people to come to your event? Contact us for consultations and pricing.

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By choosing all your needs with different event suppliers for an event, you may have some problem to coordinates all of them to get synchronized, especially if you are not well experience to handle it. Why not delegate all this headache to us to manage it?