Time: 10.00 - 18.00

Location: Furama RiverFront, Singapore

What is YIEC?

The Young Islamic Entrepreneurs Convention (YIEC) serves as a platform for where entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world would discuss the current and emerging trends in the growing Islamic consumer market. The YIEC is tailor made to especially benefit young entrepreneurs ranging
from age 18 to 40.

The YIEC is the ideal opportunity to find out the latest happenings in the international halal industry. With its global outreach to the major industry players and stakeholders in this growing market, it is the ideal platform to uncover the current and emerging trends in this dynamic industry, and make contact with the individuals who have a hand in shaping this constantly evolving industry.

The YIEC 2017 is expected to gather around 1000+

  • CEOs, executives and consultants in the Islamic Market
  • Investors interested to enter the Islamic Market
  • SME owners who wish to market their products to Muslim consumers
  • Academics and researchers in the field