Shaheer Karrim


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A Singer/Songwriter, Biokineticist and Soldier on the path of love peace and mercy…stay tuned….theres lots to come…

Born in Durban, South Africa on the 10th of June, Shaheer is a singer songwriter who’s songs reflect his unique view of the world.

As a youngster, Shaheer had a great passion for sports. Growing up in a family that prioritized education, He attained a honors degree in sport science and rehabilitation. He thereafter joined the South African Military as a lieutenant and after 4 years of service He was promoted to Captain and currently serves under the Captain rank.

Shaheer always had a passion for music, but only found His talent while away for 5 months on a military training course. With no Family and friends, living in military quarters, and not much to do at nights(except for emergency inspections), Shaheer decided to try and learn how to play the guitar in His spare time.

One of the other soldiers in the squad (who was actually very good at playing the guitar) saw Shaheer with His guitar and wanted to play. Once He started playing, Shaheer and the other soldiers began to sing playfully and have a good time. But innocently trying to sing along resulted in all the other soldiers keeping quiet and Shaheer singing on, as they recognized something special and were really impressed with His vocals. So thereafter it was mostly Shaheer singing to the guitar and everybody else listening. They even began to record some of the singing sessions(but it has been taken down from the internet due to military security reasons).

After the 5 months of training Shaheer returned home and got back into normal lifestyle. He sent the videos and some cover song recordings to a few artists in the industry (Saif Adam, Zain Bhika, Nazjam) and received great feedback, Shaheer then decided to start writing some songs and working on an album.

With loads of hard work and dedication Shaheer is now on the verge of going public with his inspirational track Veils.

Shaheers lyrics are all His own and are inspired by His life long quest to gain closer proximity to Allah SWT, Most High.

With the Grace and Blessings of Allah Swt Shaheer’s debut album will be a success and take its listeners into a different dimension of spirituality and connection with Allah Swt